Meet The Team




Heyo, I'm Pat!

I work as Tasha's assistant. I work most days as a professional chef and go to conventions with Tasha to help her sell the awesome stuff she makes.


I enjoy Kamen Rider, Pokemon and playing FF14 online. You'll mostly see me behind the table, maybe hidden behind a display. Stop by and say hello!

I don't have any art but I like to share memes. You can find my twitter below.


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Hello, I'm Tasha!


I work as a freelance artist and crafts maker. I've been making things and art most of my life. I mostly work with traditional art, digital art, crochet and plushies. I also paint and have interest in photography and floral design. 


I opened Nuclear Knick Knacks July 14, 2017 on Etsy and currently attend various Conventions and craft fairs.

Feel free to check out any of my social media and my online etsy shop by clicking the links below.

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Bitey Cat


Mew, I'm Charlie

I don't do any work but supervise much of the work being done. I'm a harsh judge that assures top notch quality of all your products.

I don't have any social media ...I'm a cat. However If you follow Tasha on Instagram you just might see some photos of me here and there .